We understand that workers and organisations have varying needs and that if these needs aren’t meant, people’s mental health can suffer. This can quickly lead to higher stress levels, lower job satisfaction and decreased productivity organisation-wide. Having access to the right tools and resources for wellness in the workplace can be beneficial in solving those complex challenges that your workers may be facing; helping them to feel valued, heard and supported.

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Tools for improved workforce wellness:

Drake Wellbeing Hub’s workplace wellness services are designed for all organisations and their employees. We have a wide range of psychosocial risk management and ancillary wellness services that are specifically designed to provide a more holistic and complete wellbeing offering to organisations - this enables them to better support their workers to achieve workplace wellbeing goals.

What can our workforce wellness tools help with?

Whatever troubles an individual (or an entire organisation) might be struggling with in the workplace, our wellness services are here to equip them with the tools they need to overcome these challenges and achieve a more positive mindset and overall emotional wellbeing.

We understand that not all issues start and end in the workplace, which is why we offer our services encompass a variety of tools to help employees, managers and executives address these challenges at home, at work or on a social/personal level.

We’ll work closely alongside you to develop and implement a clear strategy to improve positive mental health and wellness among your workforce, with the help of in-depth assessments to tailor an effective clinical response.

Our Wellness services include:

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