The best time to talk to a lawyer is before you need one. The law can be complex and confusing. At almost every major event in our life, practical legal advice can offer protection, support and peace of mind.

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Legal Counselling:


Drake WellbeingHub offers ease of access to a legal consultation, providing employees with confidential advice and legal information on non-work related issues.

These may include advice pertaining to:

  • Buying or selling a home
  • Starting a new business
  • Expanding your family
  • Legal considerations before a major medical treatment
  • Disagreements with another person or entity.

We provide access to a public, self-service legal platform where you can ask questions, find information and develop agreements and documents. 

You’ll also gain access to financially viable legal support services, who can assist you in reviewing and redrafting legal agreements and documents, at 90% less cost and time. 


  1.  Legal Guides/Learning Centre

This resource is freely available to our clients.

  1. Legal Templates

This resource comes at a small cost to our clients ($7-$97 per document).

Drake WellbeingHub makes legal services accessible to every employee by offering a quick and seamless referral process to speak with a lawyer over the phone or via video calls.

Our referral process is via 1300 135 600 during business hours or get in touch with the team by the button below.​

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