About us

Drake WellbeingHub (formally known as Drake WorkWise) has been in operation since 1998, offering organisations across Australia with access to EAP and critical incident services.

In an effort to offer a more holistic, integrated and substantial wellbeing offering, the new brand is a symbol of our vision - to help people thrive. Drake WellbeingHub offers EAP and critical incident management support, as well as the valuable ancillary wellness and assessment services that help organisations and their workers thrive in today's complex world.

What’s the Drake WellbeingHub approach?

Drake WellbeingHub brings to market a range of world class, market leading products and services that support the physical, mental, social and financial wellbeing of workers. 

EAP and critical incident management are at the core of what we do. We understand that no two organisations are the same and subsequently require a bespoke approach to optimising  health and wellbeing within their workforce.

Our experienced, qualified and registered, diverse and highly skilled clinicians, deliver confidential services to our valued customers. Drake WellbeingHub has a strong reputation as a boutique service provider to Australian organisations, including a number of ASX listed companies. We work closely with our customers, providing wellbeing solutions, which ultimately helps organisations achieve their operational and business goals.

What’s the background story?

Over recent years, Australian's have gone through significant changes to their home and working lives. We have lived through major natural disasters, a global pandemic, war and major economic instability. The impact of these events on our mental health and wellbeing are, in some cases, dire.

The turn of events has placed greater pressure on organisations to better support their workers and provide them with the necessary tools and resources that they need to live their best lives, personally and professionally.

Drake WellbeingHub aims to fill a gap in the market and provide organisations with access to a holistic wellbeing solutions, offering a broad range of EAP, critical incident and wellbeing services.

Follow us as our story unfolds!

What are the Drake WellbeingHub Values?











What’s the Drake WellbeingHub Vision and Mission?


Optimising workplace health and organisational performance through customised wellbeing initiatives.



To provide organisations with integrated, accessible, innovative and high quality health and wellbeing solutions, for all individuals and teams.

Why choose Drake WellbeingHub?



With Drake WellbeingHub, a subsidiary of Drake International, you’ll never need to go to anywhere else for your wellbeing, HR and recruitment needs. Our wellbeing offering is so diverse, it touches every stage of an organisation’s wellbeing journey and employee life cycle.

Responsive, Adaptive and Flexible

Whether you’re ready for a full wellness solution or an introduction to a service or two, we’ll meet you where you’re at in your wellbeing journey and adapt to meet your organisational needs.

Live Data Reporting

A core part of our offering and a unique point of difference from other providers. It helps organisations understand key trends and needs in their workforce, which facilitates a proactive approach to preventing mental health problems and optimising wellbeing and business performance.

Customer Satisfaction

We aim for complete customer satisfaction, every time. A happy client is the right client, especially when it comes to health and wellbeing!

Tailored Programs

We offer custom solutions to meet the needs of the organisation. This includes a process of understanding the workplace climate, and mental health and wellbeing needs of individuals and teams including minority groups

Scale & Coverage

With a clinician network spanning Australia-wide, we offer coverage no matter where your organisation is, without compromising on quality 

Customer insights

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