How can you maximise uptake of EAP services in your organisation?

By: Drake WellbeingHub

How can you maximise uptake of EAP services in your organisation?

More and more organisations are looking to EAP’s as a way of solving complex organisational challenges as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many organisations are struggling with poor workplace culture, high levels of absenteeism and turnover and low levels of motivation, satisfaction and engagement. Yet, an EAP alone isn’t always the answer. EAP success resides on more than just implementation. According to ABS data, the average uptake of EAP services is less than 10%. Like anything in business, effective implementation and ongoing commitment is going to be key to success. We recently spoke to some of our key stakeholders at DrakeWorkWise to get their insight on how businesses can maximise EAP service uptake, to ensure that not only the organisation benefits from a more healthy workforce, but individuals and teams are able to achieve a better state of overall wellbeing.

Leadership and Education

“Managers need to lead by example and de-stigmatise mental health in the workplace. Educating the workforce about the resources available to them is important – if they don’t know about the EAP service then they’re not going to use it.” says Kevin Vowles, Head of Clinical Services. There is much research on the importance of influencing systemic change from the top-down. Leaders need to lead by example and commit to the ongoing education and awareness on the mental health tools and resources available to workers. “It comes down to that awareness of the program amongst staff. I think sending internal communication is always a great idea, so staff have the details and can go straight to their EAP provider. Speaking openly about the services is also important to remove the stigma.” says Rebecca Cappioca, Customer Relationship Manager Drake WorkWise. 

Stigma is a major challenge that we’re working with our customers to overcome. Despite there being far less stigma associated with mental health than there was pre-pandemic, we still have work to do. Many public figures have spoken publicly about their mental health issues, in turn helping to break down barriers and reducing stigma.

Full-Suite Services

“Business leaders can maximise uptake of EAP by ensuring their organisation is engaged with the various content and webinars DWW provide regularly – through engaging and utilising all of the various resources DWW provides their customers with, individuals' wellbeing can be genuinely enhanced and improved”, says Dymphna Best, Head of Operations, Drake WorkWise. 

At Drake WorkWise, we offer a diverse range of complimentary tools and resources to our customers and the general public. We are committed to instilling positive change in individuals, teams and organisations, through not only the effective uptake of our EAP services, but general education on mental health and wellbeing by way of Workshops, Seminars, Informational Flyers and Worksheets. We not only provide counseling services and critical incident management, but a full-suite of services to ensure our customers are able to achieve the best possible state of wellbeing in their organisation, and not just survive - but thrive through the ebbs and flows of today's world. 

Drake WorkWise also offers extended marketing support services to EAP customers, ensuring customers are set up for success and that their workers understand what services are available to them and how to gain access to those services.

Integrated Approach

Business leaders can assist maximise the uptake of EAP services by ensuring it is built into all aspects of their day-to-day management of staff. This includes awareness of EAPs when attracting new hires, training during induction, or incorporation into development reviews. They can also build uptake  of EAPs by simply enquiring into their peers and subordinates wellbeing and actively listening to their response during daily conversation”. says Andrew Wilson, Customer Relationship Manager Drake WorkWise. One of our core business values is Integrated. We believe that having an integrated approach to wellbeing is another key to success. This is not only reflected in individuals' lives, but within organisational culture. An effective wellbeing strategy needs to be implemented into the wider organisation, as mentioned above - from the top-down. It is simply not enough to sign on an EAP provider and send out an email to all workers informing them of the new counseling services available to them. It is vital to remind workers of services available to them, the value and the benefits of using such services and how they can gain access. Likewise, create a psychologically safe working environment where workers can feel at ease speaking openly about their challenges, or simply asking for help when they’re feeling down or helpless. 

There is so much that you can do as an organisation to improve service uptake among your workers and their teams. This article explores just a few key insights from our Drake WorkWise team on how you can influence your workers to start taking advantage of the great services, tools and resources available to help live better. Research reinforces the link between health and wellbeing and levels of productivity and performance. Supporting your workers along this journey will not only benefit your workers alone but your organisation too.

Stay informed on all things wellbeing in the workplace and help your organisation thrive!

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