Psychosocial risk: considerations and employer responsibilities



Join us for an expert-led, insightful event on managing Psychosocial risk in the workplace and hear from a panel of experts in their field. With the recent changes to WHS regulations, it’s vitally important that employers understand what’s required and how to take action.

Target audience:

Business leaders; C-suite, HR Managers, People & Culture.


  • Increase awareness of an employer’s responsibility under the new WHS Regulations on the management of psychosocial risks
  • Share experience and ideas from the panel and audience
  • Actionable steps to take in response to the WHS Regulations

Discussion points:

  • The importance of preventing and managing exposure to psychosocial risks at work
  • What an organisation can do if there’s high absenteeism and low retention
  • What can an employer do in response to increase in psychological injury claims
  • What a manager needs to know and do to meet their duty under the new WHS Regulations on managing psychosocial risks


Hosted by Drake WellbeingHub Head of Clinical Services and Principal Psychologist Kevin Vowles, who has over 15 years’ experience advising senior leaders on personnel management and expertise in creating innovative programs and initiatives that meet strategic level objectives.

He will be joined by Clinical Psychologist Justin Simmonds, who has over 20 years’ experience advising leaders across Australia and internationally in areas such as psychosocial risk assessment, mental health strategy, staff support and supervision, as well as the planning and implementation of health and education programs.

The panel will also include experienced WHS officer Sandra Wilson from Securitas Australia who will bring to the discussion the perspective of an employer and why Securitas has taken action in response to the WHS Regulations on the management of psychosocial risks.


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Kevin Vowles, Head of Clinical Services & Principal Psychologist at Drake WellbeingHub

Kevin is a specialist in creating innovative programs and initiatives that meet strategic level objectives, an expert in building and maintaining high performing teams, and a professional advisor to senior leaders on workplace climate surveillance, personnel management and mental health illness prevention.

As a registered psychologist with clinical training, Kevin has a degrees in management and marketing and over 15 years’ experience in the field of psychology. As a scientist-practitioner Kevin combines evidence-based practices and evaluation techniques from a variety of areas of psychology.

Kevin has a unique wealth of knowledge and experience obtained from his career as a senior Army Psychologist including eight overseas operations, and as a professional athlete, a military ski and alpine survival instructor, and manager of clinical services at Drake WellbeingHub.

A gifted thinker who is able to translate strategic level intent and create easy to understand programs and logical evaluation processes. This mix of attributes enables Kevin to establish credibility, forge strong working relationships across diverse stakeholder portfolios, and deliver results quickly.