Drake WellbeingHub will work closely alongside your team to develop and implement a positive strategy for your workforce’s mental health and wellbeing. We specialise in formulating comprehensive corporate wellbeing strategies that cater for your employees’ unique needs.

The mental health and wellbeing of your workforce is critical to overall capability and profit. Research conducted by PwC and Beyond Blue (2014) found that investing in mental health is good for business. These studies revealed that Australian companies can reap up to $2.30 for every $1 spent on workplace mental health strategies.

What is a workplace mental health and wellbeing strategy?

A well-structured strategy provides agreed objectives and framework under which your organisation-specific action plans will be developed. These plans will allow you to monitor and evaluate the progress and assess whether your activities and initiatives are contributing to positive outcomes for your people. Together, we can provide programs and services responsive to the changing needs of your people.

The goal behind this strategy (and our workplace wellbeing consulting in general) is for your people to experience positive mental health and wellness. The strategy involves assessments that allow us to gain a better understanding of how exactly we can go beyond a narrow clinical response, proactively enhancing wellbeing while protecting and preventing mental health concerns impacting your people.

Workplace wellbeing consulting from qualified and experienced experts

Our experienced psychology and strategy experts will guide you through a mental health and wellbeing framework, developed from academic and government resources, to build and implement a tailored strategy for your workforce.

Looking to better understand the nature of wellbeing in your workplace and more effectively plan for the future?

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