Optimising Wellbeing During Financial Hardship



Time of Event: Tuesday 30th August, 12:00pm 

According to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Melbourne Institute Financial Wellbeing Scales Technical Report, 25% of people surveyed do not enjoy life because of the way they are managing their money, and say they are struggling with money management (23%) and their lives are often or always controlled by their finances (29%). About 33% of respondents have low financial resilience, with 37% stating that they couldn’t handle a major unexpected expense. 33% say they are not on track to secure their financial future or provide for future needs. 

If you’re feeling the ‘pinch’ here in Australia or New Zealand, you are not alone. With inflation set to peak at 7.75% in Australia and already at 7.3% in New Zealand, fuel prices, energy prices and the cost of consumables on the rise, it’s understandable that people's Financial Wellbeing has been compromised, having widespread consequences on the livelihood of so many Australians.  

This webinar will provide you with insight into the challenges that we are facing and help you to manage your mental and emotional response to these concerns. 

We will also offer several strategies to help you to better manage the stress of financial hardship: 

  1. Positive attitude 
  1. Control the controllables 
  1. Goal setting and adjusting priorities 

We cannot change the economic environment, but we can choose to manage our emotions and optimise our wellbeing through these trying times.  

Join us on Tuesday 30th August at 12:00pm for another insightful workshop by Drake WorkWise, facilitated by our Head of Clinical Services Kevin Vowles. Feel free to invite your colleagues, friends and family members along. The workshop will not only offer guidance and support through these trying times, but provide an opportunity to ask questions and learn from those around you. Sign up via the button below.  

Kevin is a specialist in creating innovative programs and initiatives that meet strategic level objectives, an expert in building and maintaining high performing teams, and a professional advisor to senior leaders on climate surveillance, personnel management and mental health prevention.

Kevin is a registered psychologist with clinical training, degrees in management and marketing, and over 13 years’ experience in the field of psychology. As a scientist-practitioner Kevin combines evidence-based practices and evaluation techniques from the areas of clinical, sport, health and organisational psychology.

A strategic thinker and results-focused leader with experience solving complex business and clinical problems, Kevin is an expert at delivering health and performance programs and initiatives across many settings and contexts. A gifted thinker who is able to translate strategic level intent and create easy to understand programs and logical evaluation processes. Kevin has an approachable leadership style and is a natural problem solver with excellent specialist knowledge and business acumen. This mix of attributes enables Kevin to establish credibility, forge strong working relationships across diverse stakeholder portfolios, and deliver results quickly.