De-stigmatising Mental Health in the Workplace


The global pandemic has had a great impact on people's mental health and wellbeing. People are starting to speak publicly about their mental health challenges - Selena Gomez, Ellen Degeneres, Prince Harry and Dwayne Johnson are just a few of the many public figures that are working on breaking down barriers and reducing the stigma of simply ‘not being ok’.

Mental health stigma comes in all forms. In this insightful workshop delivered by our Head of Clinical Services Kevin Vowles from Drake WorkWise, we will discuss four types of stigma:

  1. Personal;
  2. Perceived;
  3. Self-stigma;
  4. Structural.

The session will speak to both managers and workers, providing insights, tips and tools that can be applied to influence positive change in your workplace.

The impact of stigma on individuals, teams and organisations can be significant and far reaching. We will help you to understand the importance of addressing and managing stigma in your workplace by exploring:

  • Workplace productivity;
  • Employee health outcomes.

Whether you’re a manager or employee, you’ll learn great tips towards eliminating stigma -

  • Building mental health literacy & mental health awareness;
  • Developing workplace mental health and wellbeing policies;
  • How to encourage open communication;
  • How to create a positive and psychologically safe working environment;
  • The importance of sharing the responsibility to reduce stigma and contributing equally to mental health initiatives in the workplace.

This is a session not to be missed. It is an open, complementary event so be sure to invite your colleagues, friends and family.

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Kevin is a specialist in creating innovative programs and initiatives that meet strategic level objectives, an expert in building and maintaining high performing teams, and a professional advisor to senior leaders on workplace climate surveillance, personnel management and mental health illness prevention.


Kevin is a registered psychologist with clinical training, degrees in management and marketing, and over 14 years’ experience in the field of psychology. As a scientist-practitioner Kevin combines evidence-based practices and evaluation techniques from a variety of areas of psychology.


Kevin has a unique wealth of knowledge and experience obtained from his career as a senior Army Psychologist including eight overseas operations, and as a professional athlete, a military ski and alpine survival instructor, and manager of clinical services at Drake WorkWise.


A gifted thinker who is able to translate strategic level intent and create easy to understand programs and logical evaluation processes. This mix of attributes enables Kevin to establish credibility, forge strong working relationships across diverse stakeholder portfolios, and deliver results quickly.