Responsible Gambling Support Services include the provision of Exclusion Order Revocation Assessments, Responsible Service of Gaming training (RSG) and Manager Professional Supervision. 

Drake WellbeingHub has delivered over 1,600 Exclusion Order Revocation Assessments, and over 60 Responsible Service of Gaming training courses.

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Exclusion Order Revocation Assessments

A formal and third-party assessment of a guest's gambling behaviour is an important component in the responsible gambling obligations and decisions made by relevant stakeholders in the gambling sector. 

Drake WellbeingHub (Drake) uses a social policy approach and a clinically validated measure of problem gambling for each Exclusion Order Revocation Assessments. These assessments are conducted by expert psychologists through a comprehensive and structured interview and using the Canadian Problem Gambling Index (CPGI). The CPGI is a measure of problem gambling and identifies elements of harmful behaviour towards self, others and society in general.

Responsible Service of Gaming (RSG) training

RSG training uses adult learning principles to achieve best practice training outcomes for Gaming venue employees. Each attendee receives an RSG certificate upon completion of the 4-hour training, which can be delivered in person or virtually. Drake WellbeingHub's RSG training includes the following modules:

Module 1: Gambling in Australia

  • Provide an understanding of the gambling trends and expenditure in Australia,
  • Take a scientific approach to explore why people gamble, how it becomes problematic and what problematic gambling behaviour is,
  • Explore how mental health problems are related to problematic gambling, and why alcohol and gambling is a problematic mix.

Module 2: The impact of gambling related harm

  • Watch real life examples and discuss how gambling becomes a problem and how it impacts on an individual and their life,
  • Understand the three levels of gambling risk,
  • Understand strong and general indicators of problematic gambling and when immediate action/intervention is required and when early intervention is helpful,
  • Discuss case studies that highlight the importance of feedback to guests about warning signs of problematic gambling and the value of early intervention,
  • Understand the benefits of a healthy relationship with guests.

Module 3: Effective engagement with guests and how to respond to their problematic behaviour

  • Understand how to approach a guest in order to achieve a positive outcome and how to actively listen to them,
  • Learn, discuss and practice the DESC framework to assertively communicate with guests,
  • Understand how to respond to guests objecting to your feedback and requests.

Module 4: Referral and Assessment Process

  • Discus the referral and assessment process,
  • Understand the Canadian Problem Gambling Assessment Index (CPGI) and how it's used as part of the assessment of a guest’s level of risk of developing problematic gambling behaviour,
  • How to contact Drake WellbeingHub and what information is required for a referral,
  • Resources available within the gaming venue.

Module 5: Personal Wellbeing and Resilience

  • Understand the signs of stress and the core components of personal resilience,
  • Other resources available to employees.

Manager Professional Supervision

Manager Professional Supervision offers specialised services to Gaming venue managers, delivered by expert registered psychologists. 

The services are focused on delivering:

  • Effective team management
  • Assertive communication strategies
  • Creating a safe environment for staff and guests
  • Respectful engagement with others
  • Optimising team dynamics and performance

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