Research has indicated that the average cost to hire a new employee has recently increased to $23,860 in Australia and New Zealand, the average time to hire a new employee has increased to 40 days in Australia and 50 days in New Zealand, and the average cost of training a new employee in Australia is $1,075​.

References: HR Industry Benchmark Survey (2022), ICTSD (2017), PwC (2022)

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T4 Pre-employment Psychometric Assessments:


Hiring the wrong people is a costly and potentially fatal mistake for an organisation.​

The T4 is a recruitment tool that will save you time and money​. It’s a comprehensive and tailored psychological assessment of desirable qualities and behavioral tendencies that can be used to determine suitability for a role.

The results of the T4 assessment are interpreted and debriefed by experienced Psychologists. 

The results can be used to further develop interview questions in order to enhance the selection of the right candidate​. This tool is remarkably cheaper than face-to-face psychometric assessment​ tools in the market.

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