Financial wellbeing is when a person is able to meet expenses and has some money left over, is in control of their finances and feels financially secure, now and in the future. ​

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Financial Counselling services:


Finances are a cause of anxiety for many. Accessing advice and guidance on how to manage stress during financial hardship can provide a great sense of relief, especially during uncertain times.​

Through Drake WellbeingHub, you can access:

  • One-on-one financial counselling sessions 
  • Financial Wellbeing seminars

Our Clinicians specialise in services pertaining to financial counselling for people who are stressed about their finances. ​

We also provide specialist counselling for mental health concerns that have caused financial hardship, including problematic gambling, gaming or shopping.​

This service is accessed directly through Drake WellbeingHub as part of the employee’s entitlement with no additional fees to the individual client.

Access financial counselling support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. ​

To schedule a financial counselling appointment, contact us on 1300 135 600 or book via the button below.

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