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The difference between a smooth and a turbulent workforce transition comes down to planning, communication, employee transition pathways and managers preparedness.​ Terminating employees without the proper process can have an overly negative effect on the individual, cause unnecessary business disruption and be devastating to workplace culture and morale.

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Career Coaching & Outplacement services:

In an increasingly fractious climate, many organisations are now facing the reality of significant change in order to maintain a competitive advantage. The reality is career coaching and support with workforce restructuring and downsizing is becoming a requirement to so many organisations. 


Business Coaching

Business coaching is a process in which a professional coach guides a businessperson in the pursuit of their goals, to achieve their personal and professional potential. Coaching might help build leadership skills, provide guidance through change management, create business strategies, or enhance the businessperson’s mindset to take their business to new levels.

It's a partnership between coach and businessperson, using best practice methodologies, and providing a safe and supportive environment to work through challenges and inspire new strategies to take a businessperson to the next level in their career.

Coaching can be useful in:

  • Developing leadership skills
  • Providing guidance through change management
  • Creating and executing business strategies
  • Assisting in a mindset shift in order to take your business to new levels


Outplacement Services

Our career transition and outplacement service ensures that these  changes are handled sensitively and professionally.​

Whilst demonstrating an organisation is concerned for their employees, the provision of career transitioning services has many benefits for employers:​

  • Preservation of the organisational reputation​
  • Reduction of potential risks concerning employee wellbeing​
  • Adverse impacts on the morale and productivity of retained staff are minimised​
  • Maintained relationships with exiting employees​
  • Managers are supported through the outplacement process​
  • Maintaining productivity while limiting business disruption 
  • Minimising the risk of litigation
  • Reducing negative impact on remaining staff morale, workplace culture and productivity levels
  • Improving perception as an "employer of choice"
  • Providing significant cost savings

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